Welcome to Hotel Rinchenpong Nest

HOTEL RINCHENPONG NEST is a siter concern of Ashwamedh which is a protective travel agency in Indian tourism industry based in Kolkata providing travel opportunities of all kind and for everyone. Transaction level operations are executed by a team of professionals. Ashwamedh believes in presenting India in a way that is quite unique, unexplored and unhindered. Our concern wants to show you the possibilities which are immense and unending.
We are proud to say that "OUR EXPERIENCE IS TRAVELLER'S GUARANTEE". We have the travel opportunities for all classes in their respective budgets. In short, we offer an experience of life time for all categories of peoples. Journey to exotic cities, quaint villages, mighty mountains and rural outposts in our fleet of vehicles with our delightful local guide who is fluent in, English, Hindi and local languages. Enjoy the network of hotels at every part of the country of all budgets. Just tender us your travel period, number of persons / days, desired destinations. We will plan an ideal tour with in your best Price.